Adina Stan Art Acrylic Paintings

         Nicoleta  Stan 

Adina Stan Art Acrylic Paintings
Adina Stan Art Acrylic Paintings

+About Me

I was born in Romania, in a small mining town in southern Transylvania - no Dracula jokes, please :)

I started painting as a hobby in my early teen years, never imagining that spreading layers of paint on a white canvas would ever turn into a calling.


As it turned out, the universe had its own plans for me, therefore I found myself living in England, in search of a new life and different opportunities. The desire to paint came back to me much stronger than ever before: I actually feel the need to bring my own interpretation of beauty into this world, which is obviously in dire need of charm and kindness…


My works are primarily an act of love rather than works of art. The beauty and craftsmanship of a piece of art are always in the eye of the beholder… I paint because it feels goods doing it, always hoping that those who see my paintings will be able to also get a glimpse of my joy and happiness.

I absolutely love colors and the magic they create, although I have recently approached the deep and subtle meanings of black & white drawing. My painting style consists of a continuous mixing of techniques (mostly knives, brushes and, sometimes, sponges), but I have more than once found myself finger painting, as it feels good and seems the right thing to do.

+ Latest Work 


Butterflies fall


''Don't ask...''

The warmth of summer in a vase


Adina Stan art don't ask painting
"Nothing to lose" 

Vibrant blue flowers


"Explore me"

Spring in a vase 


Adina Stan art explore me acrylic painting
"Who is the stranger?" 

Field of wandering flowers.


Adina Stan art who is the stranger acrylic painting

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